Patch 3.15 Quick Rundown

Hey guys riot just released the patch notes for 3.15, and we are going to do a quick rundown to tell you everything you need to know so you can get back onto the Rift.

New Champion

Yasuo will be released, see champion spotlight

Champion Changes


Less mana problems early, nothing major.


Terrify and Crowstorm reduced mana costs. Terrify longer at level 1 shorter at later levels.

This puts fiddlesticks in a better spot in my opinion, the 3 second fear was really unfun to play against, and he can now spam abilities a little bit more.


Ult costs less mana, no real changes

-Lee Sin

Safeguard no longer puts the shield on minions or wards that he jumps to, no real power change.


Piercing light has less range and does a little bit less damage early on.

Allows for more counter play in lane, you will now at least be able to trade an auto for his q to even things out.


Passive does a little more damage, Shield is stronger. Ult costs less mana.

I think this puts Lulu up near on the support tier list, you will probably see more of Lulu in the near future.


Changes similar to the fiddlesticks changes, taunt duration reduced at higher ranks, mana costs reduced.

Level 3 ganks got a little bit stronger but I don’t think that is enough to make up for the taunt duration being reduced later, I don’t think rammus will be a very strong pick right now.


Passive now scales up to 50 movement speed weaker early stronger late. Spell Shield duration reduced, shouldn’t effect anything if you use spellshield properly, does allow for more counter play and mind games however. On The Hunt total duration decreased movement speed duration lower at early ranks and cooldown increased later on.

This will put Sivir right around where she should be, skilled Sivir players will still be very deadly, but it will be harder for just anyone to pick her up and dominate.


Armor and base movement speed increased, nothing major. However, something major may be coming in the future.


Passive armor scaling reduced. Shatter scaling reduced around the board.

Taric will now be a little bit easier to deal with.

Jungle Items

Ancient golem and Spectral wraith now have the conservation passive, they are less reliant on kills and assist for gold income than the Elder Lizard. Makes them a safer choice.


Red and blue trinkets buffed to make them a more viable option.

Jungle Camps

Ancient Golem and Lizard Elder do a little bit less damage early. Wight gives a little bit more gold on first clear.

First jungle clear is a little bit less painful, nothing major.

Assist gold

No longer ramps up with game time, less snowball effects later on.

Super minions

Damage and armor boost now increased, will make taking an inhib a little bit more impactful.


Minor changes to masteries, nothing significant enough to warrant switching your masteries on a champion.

Patch 3.13 Aftermath – Statistics of the Nerfs and Buffs

This is an incredible post taken from jngldrm over at Reddit. Each month he takes the time to look through statistics on the champions who were recently changed, and he complies them in a list of data.  The data consists of what was changed, the pick rate of the champion before and after the change, and the win rate of the champion before and after the change.


The Data covers the last 7 days. So it is the last 7 days before the Patch and then the 7 days after the Patch. It is ranked Solo Queue only.



Passive Attack Speed lowered for early levels. Blades of Torment (E) damage reduced.

Pick Rate: 13.07% –>10.09% -2.98

Win Rate: 52.4% –>48.87% -3.53


Essence Theft (passive) is no longer spell vamp but heals calculated by some formula with ap scaling. Fox-Fire (W) mana cost and damage reduced. Charm (E) mana cost is now flat 85 at all levels and amplifies damage by 20% for the next 6s. Spirit Rush (R) damage reduced.

Pick Rate: 13.88% –>11.26% -2.62

Win Rate: 51.12% –>49.09 -2.03


Base attack speed reduced. Missile Barrage (R) damage reduced and cooldown between attacks increased.

Pick Rate: 17.03% –>8.83% -8.2

Win Rate: 52.41% –>46.51% -5.9


Seastone Trident (W) active ability power ratio reduced significantly.

Pick Rate: 9.82% –>8.08% -1.74

Win Rate: 49.23% –>48.24% -0.99


Heimerdinger’s kit has been significantly reworked this patch. Check patch log.

Pick Rate: 0.89% –>7.85% +6.96

Win Rate: 48.41% –>49.55% +1.14


Switcheroo! – Minigun (Q) attack speed bonus reduced at early levels. Zap! (W) base damage reduced, mana cost increased and no longer reveals stealthed units.

Pick Rate: 25.94% –>20.79% -5.15

Win Rate: 52.87% –>50.48% -2.39


Magic Resist per level reduced to 0. Null Sphere (Q) damage reduced, silence duration changed (longer at lvl1), mana cost reduced. Riftwalk (R) damage increased, stack damage reduced but ap ratio added. Now refunds 50% mana cost if it damages a Champion.

Pick Rate: 6.65% –>5.47 -1.18

Win Rate: 52.62% –>49.91% -2.71


Attack range and speed increased. Tormented Soil (W) damage changed, now deals up to 50% increased damage based on enemy hp missing. Now deals damage every 0.5s instead of 1s. No longer reduced magic resist.

Pick Rate: 5.68% –>7.52% +1.84

Win Rate: 49.08% –>52.18% +3.1


Undertow (Q) slow duration increased, mana cost changed (lower for higher levels). Vicious Strikes (W) attack speed increased. Reckless Swing (E) self damage reduced.

Pick Rate: 1.81% –>2.95% +1.14

Win Rate: 41.84% –>46.72% +4.88


Pretty big changes to her playstyle. Check patch log.

Pick Rate: 1.75% –>17.89% +16.14

Win Rate: 49.36% –>56.18% +6.82


Living Shadow (W) travel speed reduced significantly. Death Mark (R) now spawns the shadow at Zed’s starting position. All shadows will stay around longer and Zed can switch places with his shadows at a longer range.

Pick Rate: 13.77% –>9.41% -4.36

Win Rate: 47.67% –>44.42% -3.25


Short Fuse (passive) damage slightly increased. Bouncing Bomb can now be cast at targets outside of max range but will only travel the set distance. Satchel Charge (W) radius increased. Hexplosive Minefield (E) damage radius increased and no longer deals reduced damage on multiple hits to minions. Mega Inferno Bomb (R) now deals double damage to minions.

Pick Rate: 1.79% –>3.21% +1.42

Win Rate: 49.57% –>54.21% +4.62


Deadly Bloom (Q) range reduced. Damage changed to lower base damage but better ap scaling. Rampart Growth (W) base damage reduced at lower levels, but increased later on. Cooldown reduction reduced. Stranglethorn (R) stun no longer persists after the knockup ends.

Pick Rate: 13.18% –>13.03% -0.15

Win Rate: 53.01% –>48.72% -4.29

Minor Changes:

Jarvan IV:

Dragon Strike / Demacian Standard (Q/E) knockup collision radius reduced.

Pick Rate: 23.74% –>20.51% -3.23

Win Rate: 52.7% –>52.12% -0.58

Master Yi:

Master Yi will no longer be hit by targeted spells during Alpha Strike (Q). Meditate (W) mana cost reduced.

Pick Rate: 8.21% –>8.12% -0.09

Win Rate: 48.78% –>50.37% +1.59


Rengar now de-stealths at the beginning of his leap when attacking a target from out of stealth

Pick Rate: 4.65% –>4.29% -0.36

Win Rate: 47.17% –>47.52% +0.35


Shadow Dash (E) collision radius has been reduced at the start and end points of the dash.

Pick Rate: 13.66% –>11.27% -2.39

Win Rate: 46.85% –>45.23% -1.62


Carrion Renewal (passive) now additionally restores 9% of maximum Mana on champion kill/assist.

Pick Rate: 3.3% –>3.42% +0.12

Win Rate: 51.36% –>53.29% +1.93


Scatter the Weak (E) range increased and Dark Spheres now have arrow indicators to show the direction they will travel if hit by Scatter the Weak. Unleashed Power (R) now has a counter for Dark Spheres.

Pick Rate: 2.68% –>3.4% +0.72

Win Rate: 45.04% –>50.82% +5.78


Attack speed per level increased. Basic attack wind up reduced.

Pick Rate: 26.09% –>25.06% -1.03

Win Rate: 48.55% –>49.52% +0.97


Spinning Slash (E) cooldown refund reduced for minions and monsters.

Pick Rate: 10.04% –>10.08% +0.04

Win Rate: 52.58% –>52.75% +0.17

Mana Cost Reductions on Ultimates


Pick Rate: 8.96% –>8.79%

Win Rate: 48.81% –>49.85%


Pick Rate: 28.53% –>27.53%

Win Rate: 51.1% –>50.87%


Pick Rate: 5.33% –>5.64%

Win Rate: 49.22% –>49.67%


Pick Rate: 13.02% –>12.32%

Win Rate: 49.65% –>50.44%


Pick Rate: 1.62% –>1.51%

Win Rate: 49.91% –>49.75%

Thoughts About Jax Changes from LoL Fans

I asked what people thought about the recent announcement to Jax changes earlier today on Twitter.  Here are a few of my favorite responses, in which I will reply to here with my thoughts.

@muskratpeters: I am happy for the nerf. One less insane late game top lane. Guess everyone will stick with Renekton


I am also happy for this change.  I am tired of having Jax in every game and being forced as a jungler to shut him down or else face a near sure loss late game.  With the buff to Trinity force, Jax has been an unstoppable force (no pun intended) in both Solo Queue and competitive play.  Renekton is still very good, and will probably see even more play than he already does.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see him nerfed next, honestly.

@DeenageTirtbag: I don’t think this will nerf him at all. Base damages aren’t what makes his god-mode late game.

@Hectormentolado: need lower damage on ult or change it to ad damage

I am going to answer these two together.  I somewhat agree with this, however they are nerfing his HP a bit late game.  This will either make him easier to focus, or at the very least change his item build a bit in order to stay as unstoppable as he is currently.  If his ult damage gets nerfed in the future, I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see him for a while.  AD damage may also be a good way to balance him without hurting his actual numbers.

@SirWomby: ridiculous, imo more of a buff then a nerf, his level 1 potential was already scary. now he’s just going to shit all over lane.

As this may be a problem, I do think that he is definitely a champion who can be shutdown top lane if countered or played against correctly.  As long as the opponent doesn’t give up an early kill, they should be able to make it to 6 without too much trouble.  If they do let him snowball, however, his midgame will be unstoppable.

@LoLXxSkullzxX: I think Riot is still struggling to balance Jax in a way.

I would say that they are just testing this out right now, because with the new masteries coming out a lot of champions may become unbalanced very quickly.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few changes to Jax in the coming months, as well as a few of the other dominant top laners (Renekton, Riven).


If you have any more thoughts about this, comment below!

Incoming Jax Nerfs


Jax has been Flavor of the Month ever since his domination at this year’s Worlds Tournament.  He is now seeing a few changes, which I will outline here.

Health: 199 less HP at level 18

Base Health of 550 (Instead of 561) with +87 Per Level (Previous +98)

Empower (W): Mana Cost Changed to 20/25/30/35/40 (Previous All 30)

Damage: 60/80/100/120/140 (Previous 40/75/110/145/180)

These changes will boost Jax’s early game, while still spiking his midgame with Trinity Force.  The real nerf is to his late game, which was one of the best late games in the League before this update. I am excited to see how well he does with these new numbers, and also to see how much he is played.

Sorry Jax mains!