What’s a Meta? (Fun Randomizer Application)

Ultimate Bravery League of Legends Randomizer Example

My first random option.


Since League of Legends Season 3 has ended, it is now a good time to have some fun with the game and troll around a bit.  Try out Ultimate Bravery, an application which randomizes your League of Legends experience!  This application can be used as a complete randomizer, or you can customize the options in which you want to be random.  For example, you may personally select which champion you want to play, but randomize the masteries, lane, and item build.  All of these options can be accessed when the user chooses “Reroll Advanced”.

My suggestion is to get a group of 5 friends together, all use Ultimate Bravery, and go into Blind Normals.  This will provide you with a full team of random champions, items, and roles.  I would recommend calling lanes before hand, or else you may end up with 3 top laners and 2 junglers.  If you want the truly random experience, however, maybe your team can pull this off.

Another good use of this application would be 5v5 Custom Games.  An entire game of 10 random champions running around with random item builds and summoner spells just sounds like too much fun.

Disclaimer:  The League Report is not responsible for the reports that will undoubtedly result from the use of Ultimate Bravery.  Use at your own discretion, and please don’t ruin ranked games for other players.

If you play a game with this application, tell us how it went and what build/champion you were given!

What’s a meta? Let’s have some fun!

Ultimate Bravery




Season 3 Is Over – Now What Happens?

As I’m sure you know, League of Legends Season 3 has ended.  What exactly happens now?

In the preseason, ranked queue will be available.  While games won’t play a huge factor in your Season 4 Ranked Placements, they will still effect your MMR.  Your MMR will be used to determine who you play against at the start of Season 4, and will help you get into a higher division right off the bat.  If you are serious about your rank, continue to go for victories in ranked during the preseason!

That being said, the only players required to play ranked during the preseason are Challenger players.  This is the only division which will have Inactivity Decay applied to it, meaning if players don’t play ranked for a certain amount of time they will be removed from the division.  No other division needs to worry about this, so don’t feel the need to play Ranked Queue during the preseason!

There will be huge changes being implemented throughout the preseason, some of which have already been revealed.  A few which have been announced so far:

  • New jungle camp
  • Baron changes
  • Support and Jungle gold changes
  • New Gold items
  • New ward / trinket system
  • Team Builder

There are many more changes coming to League of Legends in the near future, so keep an eye on this website for articles about those.

Courtesy of LeagueOfLegends.Com

Season 4 will begin about 1 month after the preseason begins.  You will be required to play Placement Matches again, with a “soft MMR Reset” hitting your account.  This reset is currently said to take your current MMR (end of preseason) + 1200, and then be divided by 2.  This equation is not 100% confirmed yet.  Once you play your 10 placement matches in Solo Queue you will be placed into a division based on your MMR.

I hope everyone is happy with the rewards they earned in Season 3, and let’s have a great preseason and Season 4!  I will update this website as new information is revealed about Season 4.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask below!

Today is the Final Day of League of Legends Season 3!

Today, November 11, 2013, is the final day of Season 3.  This was the first season that I played League of Legends, and I must say that it has been incredibly fun.  I can’t believe how incredibly huge this game is, from the champions and skins available to the massive player base.  Looking at the World’s event this year, it is incredible to see how many fans will pay money to watch a video game live.  I have been gaming since the age of 5, and to see it grow this much is really awesome to see.

Season 3 World’s courtesy of Gazettenet

Today is your last chance to get challenger, get to Gold for rewards, or hey even get to Bronze lV.  Did you reach your goals for this season?  I can tell you that I just wanted to learn this game as much as possible in the few months that I have played it, and made it to Silver lll… In my placements.  I am currently Silver V with around 70 LP, and probably won’t be playing enough to make it to Silver lV today.  I am happy with that, however, because I learned a lot and got better at the game.  I always try to remember that every game is a learning experience, and if I can catch at least one mistake that I make in a game it was worth the experience whether I won or lost.  I plan on climbing the ranks in Season 4, but we will save that for another day and another post.

My best champions in ranked for Season 3 were Elise, Nami, and Diana.  I had a 55% win rate with Elise, and a 90% Win Rate (9-1) with Nami.  Who were your most reliable champions this season, whether in ranked or normals?

Good luck in any last minute division climbing efforts, and see you in the Preseason!