Champion and Skin Sale Breakdown: 11.19 – 11.22


Graves (487 RP) – Graves is not in the best place right now as an ADC.  He doesn’t benefit from the Tri-Force buffs like some ADC’s do, and he has received many nerfs in the past.  Hopefully Season 4 will bring Graves back a bit.

Brand (440 RP) – Brand is a very strong mid lane caster at the moment.  If Brand manages to pick up a few kills in the early game he can 1 shot a lot of champions.  He does massive AOE damage, so his team fights are scary.  Great champion if you put the time in to learn him.

Singed (292 RP) – Singed is one of the most annoying champions in the game to play against if he is played correctly.  With his tankiness, his poison trails, and his speed, he is almost impossible to catch.  Singed can split push all day, even while standing at the enemy’s Nexus killing two waves at once.


Koi Nami (487 RP) – Koi Nami is a nice looking skin.  It is playful and colorful, making the already fun to play Nami even nicer looking.  If you are a Nami player I would recommend this skin.  There has been talks of a new Nami skin coming out soonish, but nothing is confirmed.

Augmented Singed (487 RP) – This is personally my favorite Singed skin.  Singed has many skins to choose from, but this one has always stuck out to me.  The green poison container and the cut off sleeve make this skin stand out, and I would recommend it.

Lumberjack Sion (260 RP) – What’s not to love about a Sion skin?  This champion is hilarious to play, and not many people know what he does.  Come into the game as a Lumberjack and you will have your enemies shaking in their boots. (Warning: they may be shaking from laughter)  I think that this is a hilarious skin, and will be buying it for this week’s sale.


Sale Playlist:

Champion and Skin Sale Breakdown: 11.12 – 11.15


Volibear (487 RP) – To Da Mouf! Wait, I’m not Trick2G.  However, when you play Volibear you feel like a monster and can roam wherever you please.  Volibear is a great tank jungler who can also carry the game with his early game ganks.  I would recommend Volibear if you want to add a champion to your jungle pool.

Renekton (440 RP) – Renekton is one of the strongest top lane champions in League of Legends right now.  He deals tremendous damage to his lane opponent while building pure tank.  He also has built in sustain and an escape, making him hard to kill.  Renekton is a great champion to learn, and I would recommend him if you are looking to add another champion to your top lane pool.

Olaf (395 RP) – Olaf recently got reworked and seems to be doing pretty well.  He was a running joke in League of Legends for a while as a champion who got nerfed so hard that he they deleted him from the game.  However, he has been seeing play recently and feels quite strong.  I do not recommend buying champions who cost less than 4800 IP using RP, but if you really want Olaf, go ahead!  He is viable.


Blight Crystal Varus (487 RP) – This skin is a bit disappointing to me.  The artwork looks very cool, but in game I don’t think it holds up.  The animations are also nothing new.  I personally would not buy this skin.

Dragon Trainer Lulu (675 RP) – I really like the concept of this skin.  The splash art is nice, and the in-game model is also nice.  However, the animations don’t really change much at all.  Her butterfly is not a dragon, and she can poly-morph enemies into dragons rather than squirrels.  The ult animation is pretty nifty.  If you play Lulu a lot, I would recommend this skin.  If you don’t, I would save your money.

Commando Xin Zhao (260 RP) – It is Xin Zhao with sunglasses.  Take it or leave it.

Here is a playlist I put together on YouTube with this week’s Champion and Skin Sale Lineup: 

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Champion and Skin Sale Breakdown, and leave a comment with the loot you will be picking up!