League of Legends URF Mode Coming to a Close

Within the next few hours League of Legends URF Mode will be disabled. We had a lot of fun playing this gametype, and we hope you did too. Hopefully we will be seeing another new and fun mode from Riot Games in the coming weeks or months, but I’m not sure that anything can top URF mode. The fast pace and unique atmosphere that URF created is the most fun I’ve had on League of Legends in a long time, and hopefully we will be seeing it again in the future.

In the meantime, let’s hope Riot Games releases a Sandbox mode soon. We could create our own URF gametypes using this, as well as practice the game however we choose to. Alas, that is for another post on another day. For now, go play some URF before it gets disabled!

Happy URFing, summoners!

– Steve, The League Report Blog

League of Legends – “The Basics” Video by Riot Games

Riot Games has created a video tutorial for League of Legends.  This tutorial highlights how the game works, the main roles in the game, objectives, how to win, and why League of Legends is such an amazing game.  The video comes off as more of a promotion for the game in my opinion, but it is very well done and entertaining.  I also feel like it made me appreciate League of Legends more just because it made me think about the basics of the game.  The graphics, commentary, and overall feel of the video were very professional

Great video by Riot in my opinion, what do you think of “The Basics”?

League of Legends World’s Game Statistics

Amazing infograph of statistics from this year’s World’s tournament.  Riot did a great job with the design as well as choosing which stats to show.  My favorite part is definitely the champion win %’s along with their key item builds.

What is your favorite stat?  Click the image to see it full-sized!