Happy St. Patrick’s Day from The League Report!

Roses are green,

Violets are green,

League of Legends is going to lag all St. Patrick’s Day,

Because Riot is mean.

Enjoy the ISP lag, my Charter/Comcast/AT&T/Quest/CenturyLink/Potato using friends!

– A sad League of Legends player named Steve

Champion and Skin Sale Breakdown: 2/14 – 2/17


Lucian (487 RP) – Lucian is in a great place as an ADC (Marksmen) right now.  He can take advantage of Trinity Force, and he can kite well with his kit.  His ultimate is great for sieging / stopping a siege and also for finishing kills beyond auto attack range. We highly recommend that if you play ADC and want to add a new champion to your pool that you take advantage of this week’s sale and grab Lucian!

Leona (440 RP) – Leona is also in a great place in the current meta.  She is a tanky support champion with an insanely powerful engage if used correctly.  Leona can carry a lane and feed an ADC very quickly, but if she gets shut down early and her lane falls behind she can become somewhat useless without jungler help.  However, she offers utility throughout the game no matter how behind she is, so she will never be useless late game no matter what happens.  Leona can build pure support / tank and be a very productive member of the team.  We highly recommend picking up Leona this week if you are fond of tanky supports with strong initiation.

Katarina (395 RP) – Katarina has been picked a few times this NA LCS split.  Unfortunately, her success rate has been very low, and her performances have highlighted the biggest problem with Katarina: she can easily be shutdown in lane and put behind for the entire game.  However, if Katarina gets fed a few early kills she can dominate the game and snowball out of control.  Her ultimate, when used correctly and not interrupted, can completely turn a team fight into her favor.  She also thrives on kills, as she is a reset based champion, and she is a lot of fun to play due to her reset mechanic.  If you play mid lane, or even top lane, give Katarina a try!



Debonair Jayce (487 RP) – Bring a little class to the Rift with Debonair Jayce.  Perfect for duoing with your Valentine this year!

Heartseeker Vayne (487 RP) – Slay your enemies with style and leave them a Valentine’s Day card to remember you by.  This is a fun skin and a perfect Valentine’s Day outfit for carrying that Bronze 5 boyfriend of yours to victory!

Jack of Hearts Twisted Fate (260 RP) – There isn’t much to say about this skin.  If you like the colors, go for it.  If you don’t like the colors, don’t buy it.  If you’re not sure… Pick a card to decide.  10 or higher and you buy it!

Happy Valentine’s Day Skin Sale everyone, and save some money for chocolate (whether it be for your significant other or yourself!)


– Steve








Want to Write for The League Report?

We are currently looking for writers, content creators, graphic designers, and anyone else with a passion for League of Legends and good ideas!  If you are interested in becoming a regular member of our team, please E-Mail us at “Steve@TheLeagueReport.com” and we will be in contact with you.

We look forward to working alongside our fellow League of Legends fans,

– The League Report

Champion and Skin Sale – 11.08 – 11.11



Syndra – 487 RP.   Awesome mid-lane champion, would recommend if you want to expand your champion pool.

Leona – 440 RP.  Great support, very aggressive and can snowball an ADC very quickly if played correctly.  (Can also snowball the opposing ADC if played incorrectly)

Cho’Gath – 292 RP.  Good all around champion, does not see much play currently but maybe Season 4 will change that.


Jailbreak Graves – 487 RP.  Actually a pretty cool skin, but my favorite is Pool Party Graves so I won’t be purchasing this.

Veigar Greybeard – 375 RP.  Hilarious skin.  YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

Ruthless Pantheon – 260 RP.  It’s Pantheon with “Ruthless” in front of his name. 

Happy Purchasing, friends!


Thoughts About Jax Changes from LoL Fans

I asked what people thought about the recent announcement to Jax changes earlier today on Twitter.  Here are a few of my favorite responses, in which I will reply to here with my thoughts.

@muskratpeters: I am happy for the nerf. One less insane late game top lane. Guess everyone will stick with Renekton


I am also happy for this change.  I am tired of having Jax in every game and being forced as a jungler to shut him down or else face a near sure loss late game.  With the buff to Trinity force, Jax has been an unstoppable force (no pun intended) in both Solo Queue and competitive play.  Renekton is still very good, and will probably see even more play than he already does.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see him nerfed next, honestly.

@DeenageTirtbag: I don’t think this will nerf him at all. Base damages aren’t what makes his god-mode late game.

@Hectormentolado: need lower damage on ult or change it to ad damage

I am going to answer these two together.  I somewhat agree with this, however they are nerfing his HP a bit late game.  This will either make him easier to focus, or at the very least change his item build a bit in order to stay as unstoppable as he is currently.  If his ult damage gets nerfed in the future, I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see him for a while.  AD damage may also be a good way to balance him without hurting his actual numbers.

@SirWomby: ridiculous, imo more of a buff then a nerf, his level 1 potential was already scary. now he’s just going to shit all over lane.

As this may be a problem, I do think that he is definitely a champion who can be shutdown top lane if countered or played against correctly.  As long as the opponent doesn’t give up an early kill, they should be able to make it to 6 without too much trouble.  If they do let him snowball, however, his midgame will be unstoppable.

@LoLXxSkullzxX: I think Riot is still struggling to balance Jax in a way.

I would say that they are just testing this out right now, because with the new masteries coming out a lot of champions may become unbalanced very quickly.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few changes to Jax in the coming months, as well as a few of the other dominant top laners (Renekton, Riven).


If you have any more thoughts about this, comment below!