Patch 3.14 Simplified Champion Rundown

Newly released patch notes can be found here

We are going to try and simplify it for those who don’t want to take the time to read the whole
thing and worry about numbers. If you are looking for in depth analysis, we suggest you look at the link above or find another post about it.


● Big change to q now longer instant damage, now “lobs” through the air, and they increased the range

● E now costs less mana

● R AD ratio increased

Overall probably a buff, depends on how hard the new q is to hit


● Q Less range but can be exploded quicker

● E now does full damage to every target, and gets cool down reduction if he hits something with it.  Changes playstyle a bit, doesn’t seem like he will stay at about the same strength


● R now shows enemies the leash radius

Small nerf shouldn’t change much


● Reduced passive lifesteal

Nerf, better chance to shut him down early. Still seems really strong.


● Passive stun duration increased at higher levels

Buff, not huge, still about same strength.


● Q overall does less damage at closer range, still does same damage at max range.

● W debuff time reduced

Nerf, makes Nidalee harder to play, reduced dueling potential, late game poke will still be there.


● Q Less damage and healing early but lower cd

Keeping him balanced with upcoming changes to smite, no real change in power


● Q damage taken away early, more damage late.

Overall just a shift in power, weaker early game stronger late game.


● Condemn changed.  Should only affect the top level vayne players.

Nerf, but will probably go unnoticed to everyone thats not at the top of the ladder for Vayne players.


● Passive no longer global, more movespeed for champions closer.

● Q now must be channeled for full duration in order to do max damage

● W and E now scale with Janna’s ap

Implementing some of the support changes riot has been talking about, passive and Q nerfed while W and E are buffed late game.


● W Scales with bonus armor and mr instead of flat values

More support changes, Leona now scales better with gold


● Added ap ratio to passive

● Q, W now scale with AP

● E ap ratio reduced

Overall nerf but scales better with AP


A lot of small changes, power being moved around

Should scale better with gold, overall keeping the same power


Added scaling and reduced damage from most abilities.

Overall should be a buff, and scales better with gold


Reduced scaling with ap added more scaling off tankyness

Buffed when building tanky.

We will be releasing a Simplified Item Rundown tomorrow for Patch 3.14, look out for it!

Champion and Skin Sale Breakdown: 11.19 – 11.22


Graves (487 RP) – Graves is not in the best place right now as an ADC.  He doesn’t benefit from the Tri-Force buffs like some ADC’s do, and he has received many nerfs in the past.  Hopefully Season 4 will bring Graves back a bit.

Brand (440 RP) – Brand is a very strong mid lane caster at the moment.  If Brand manages to pick up a few kills in the early game he can 1 shot a lot of champions.  He does massive AOE damage, so his team fights are scary.  Great champion if you put the time in to learn him.

Singed (292 RP) – Singed is one of the most annoying champions in the game to play against if he is played correctly.  With his tankiness, his poison trails, and his speed, he is almost impossible to catch.  Singed can split push all day, even while standing at the enemy’s Nexus killing two waves at once.


Koi Nami (487 RP) – Koi Nami is a nice looking skin.  It is playful and colorful, making the already fun to play Nami even nicer looking.  If you are a Nami player I would recommend this skin.  There has been talks of a new Nami skin coming out soonish, but nothing is confirmed.

Augmented Singed (487 RP) – This is personally my favorite Singed skin.  Singed has many skins to choose from, but this one has always stuck out to me.  The green poison container and the cut off sleeve make this skin stand out, and I would recommend it.

Lumberjack Sion (260 RP) – What’s not to love about a Sion skin?  This champion is hilarious to play, and not many people know what he does.  Come into the game as a Lumberjack and you will have your enemies shaking in their boots. (Warning: they may be shaking from laughter)  I think that this is a hilarious skin, and will be buying it for this week’s sale.


Sale Playlist: