Thoughts About Jax Changes from LoL Fans

I asked what people thought about the recent announcement to Jax changes earlier today on Twitter.  Here are a few of my favorite responses, in which I will reply to here with my thoughts.

@muskratpeters: I am happy for the nerf. One less insane late game top lane. Guess everyone will stick with Renekton


I am also happy for this change.  I am tired of having Jax in every game and being forced as a jungler to shut him down or else face a near sure loss late game.  With the buff to Trinity force, Jax has been an unstoppable force (no pun intended) in both Solo Queue and competitive play.  Renekton is still very good, and will probably see even more play than he already does.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see him nerfed next, honestly.

@DeenageTirtbag: I don’t think this will nerf him at all. Base damages aren’t what makes his god-mode late game.

@Hectormentolado: need lower damage on ult or change it to ad damage

I am going to answer these two together.  I somewhat agree with this, however they are nerfing his HP a bit late game.  This will either make him easier to focus, or at the very least change his item build a bit in order to stay as unstoppable as he is currently.  If his ult damage gets nerfed in the future, I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see him for a while.  AD damage may also be a good way to balance him without hurting his actual numbers.

@SirWomby: ridiculous, imo more of a buff then a nerf, his level 1 potential was already scary. now he’s just going to shit all over lane.

As this may be a problem, I do think that he is definitely a champion who can be shutdown top lane if countered or played against correctly.  As long as the opponent doesn’t give up an early kill, they should be able to make it to 6 without too much trouble.  If they do let him snowball, however, his midgame will be unstoppable.

@LoLXxSkullzxX: I think Riot is still struggling to balance Jax in a way.

I would say that they are just testing this out right now, because with the new masteries coming out a lot of champions may become unbalanced very quickly.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few changes to Jax in the coming months, as well as a few of the other dominant top laners (Renekton, Riven).


If you have any more thoughts about this, comment below!

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