The League Report Stream Review Format and Introduction

We at The League Report have spent more time watching League of Legends stream than we care to admit. We want to put this time to good use and share some of our thoughts on the streams we watch so that our readers can find the stream that is right for them.

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We have broken our reviews up in to 4 sections:

Role: what are the most common roles for the streamer to play

Champions: most played, most skilled champions

Description: Everything else you need to know about the streamer

Ranking: Our ranking of the quality of the stream from Bronze – Challenger. Note: This is not the streamer’s division ranking.

YouTube Highlights: These videos will be small highlights from the respective stream to give viewers a taste of the streamer’s personality and streaming style before they tune in to the live stream.

We hope you find our reviews helpful, and feel free to suggest streams in which you would like to see reviewed in the future!

Welcome to The League Report!

Welcome friends!

This blog is about the incredible game League of Legends.  Here you will find news, videos, highlights, ideas, and anything else I find exciting or noteworthy in the world of LoL.  I hope you find the content both helpful and entertaining!

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Steven “HAble” Rockwood