Patch 3.13 Aftermath – Statistics of the Nerfs and Buffs

This is an incredible post taken from jngldrm over at Reddit. Each month he takes the time to look through statistics on the champions who were recently changed, and he complies them in a list of data.  The data consists of what was changed, the pick rate of the champion before and after the change, and the win rate of the champion before and after the change.


The Data covers the last 7 days. So it is the last 7 days before the Patch and then the 7 days after the Patch. It is ranked Solo Queue only.



Passive Attack Speed lowered for early levels. Blades of Torment (E) damage reduced.

Pick Rate: 13.07% –>10.09% -2.98

Win Rate: 52.4% –>48.87% -3.53


Essence Theft (passive) is no longer spell vamp but heals calculated by some formula with ap scaling. Fox-Fire (W) mana cost and damage reduced. Charm (E) mana cost is now flat 85 at all levels and amplifies damage by 20% for the next 6s. Spirit Rush (R) damage reduced.

Pick Rate: 13.88% –>11.26% -2.62

Win Rate: 51.12% –>49.09 -2.03


Base attack speed reduced. Missile Barrage (R) damage reduced and cooldown between attacks increased.

Pick Rate: 17.03% –>8.83% -8.2

Win Rate: 52.41% –>46.51% -5.9


Seastone Trident (W) active ability power ratio reduced significantly.

Pick Rate: 9.82% –>8.08% -1.74

Win Rate: 49.23% –>48.24% -0.99


Heimerdinger’s kit has been significantly reworked this patch. Check patch log.

Pick Rate: 0.89% –>7.85% +6.96

Win Rate: 48.41% –>49.55% +1.14


Switcheroo! – Minigun (Q) attack speed bonus reduced at early levels. Zap! (W) base damage reduced, mana cost increased and no longer reveals stealthed units.

Pick Rate: 25.94% –>20.79% -5.15

Win Rate: 52.87% –>50.48% -2.39


Magic Resist per level reduced to 0. Null Sphere (Q) damage reduced, silence duration changed (longer at lvl1), mana cost reduced. Riftwalk (R) damage increased, stack damage reduced but ap ratio added. Now refunds 50% mana cost if it damages a Champion.

Pick Rate: 6.65% –>5.47 -1.18

Win Rate: 52.62% –>49.91% -2.71


Attack range and speed increased. Tormented Soil (W) damage changed, now deals up to 50% increased damage based on enemy hp missing. Now deals damage every 0.5s instead of 1s. No longer reduced magic resist.

Pick Rate: 5.68% –>7.52% +1.84

Win Rate: 49.08% –>52.18% +3.1


Undertow (Q) slow duration increased, mana cost changed (lower for higher levels). Vicious Strikes (W) attack speed increased. Reckless Swing (E) self damage reduced.

Pick Rate: 1.81% –>2.95% +1.14

Win Rate: 41.84% –>46.72% +4.88


Pretty big changes to her playstyle. Check patch log.

Pick Rate: 1.75% –>17.89% +16.14

Win Rate: 49.36% –>56.18% +6.82


Living Shadow (W) travel speed reduced significantly. Death Mark (R) now spawns the shadow at Zed’s starting position. All shadows will stay around longer and Zed can switch places with his shadows at a longer range.

Pick Rate: 13.77% –>9.41% -4.36

Win Rate: 47.67% –>44.42% -3.25


Short Fuse (passive) damage slightly increased. Bouncing Bomb can now be cast at targets outside of max range but will only travel the set distance. Satchel Charge (W) radius increased. Hexplosive Minefield (E) damage radius increased and no longer deals reduced damage on multiple hits to minions. Mega Inferno Bomb (R) now deals double damage to minions.

Pick Rate: 1.79% –>3.21% +1.42

Win Rate: 49.57% –>54.21% +4.62


Deadly Bloom (Q) range reduced. Damage changed to lower base damage but better ap scaling. Rampart Growth (W) base damage reduced at lower levels, but increased later on. Cooldown reduction reduced. Stranglethorn (R) stun no longer persists after the knockup ends.

Pick Rate: 13.18% –>13.03% -0.15

Win Rate: 53.01% –>48.72% -4.29

Minor Changes:

Jarvan IV:

Dragon Strike / Demacian Standard (Q/E) knockup collision radius reduced.

Pick Rate: 23.74% –>20.51% -3.23

Win Rate: 52.7% –>52.12% -0.58

Master Yi:

Master Yi will no longer be hit by targeted spells during Alpha Strike (Q). Meditate (W) mana cost reduced.

Pick Rate: 8.21% –>8.12% -0.09

Win Rate: 48.78% –>50.37% +1.59


Rengar now de-stealths at the beginning of his leap when attacking a target from out of stealth

Pick Rate: 4.65% –>4.29% -0.36

Win Rate: 47.17% –>47.52% +0.35


Shadow Dash (E) collision radius has been reduced at the start and end points of the dash.

Pick Rate: 13.66% –>11.27% -2.39

Win Rate: 46.85% –>45.23% -1.62


Carrion Renewal (passive) now additionally restores 9% of maximum Mana on champion kill/assist.

Pick Rate: 3.3% –>3.42% +0.12

Win Rate: 51.36% –>53.29% +1.93


Scatter the Weak (E) range increased and Dark Spheres now have arrow indicators to show the direction they will travel if hit by Scatter the Weak. Unleashed Power (R) now has a counter for Dark Spheres.

Pick Rate: 2.68% –>3.4% +0.72

Win Rate: 45.04% –>50.82% +5.78


Attack speed per level increased. Basic attack wind up reduced.

Pick Rate: 26.09% –>25.06% -1.03

Win Rate: 48.55% –>49.52% +0.97


Spinning Slash (E) cooldown refund reduced for minions and monsters.

Pick Rate: 10.04% –>10.08% +0.04

Win Rate: 52.58% –>52.75% +0.17

Mana Cost Reductions on Ultimates


Pick Rate: 8.96% –>8.79%

Win Rate: 48.81% –>49.85%


Pick Rate: 28.53% –>27.53%

Win Rate: 51.1% –>50.87%


Pick Rate: 5.33% –>5.64%

Win Rate: 49.22% –>49.67%


Pick Rate: 13.02% –>12.32%

Win Rate: 49.65% –>50.44%


Pick Rate: 1.62% –>1.51%

Win Rate: 49.91% –>49.75%