What’s a Meta? (Fun Randomizer Application)

Ultimate Bravery League of Legends Randomizer Example

My first random option.


Since League of Legends Season 3 has ended, it is now a good time to have some fun with the game and troll around a bit.  Try out Ultimate Bravery, an application which randomizes your League of Legends experience!  This application can be used as a complete randomizer, or you can customize the options in which you want to be random.  For example, you may personally select which champion you want to play, but randomize the masteries, lane, and item build.  All of these options can be accessed when the user chooses “Reroll Advanced”.

My suggestion is to get a group of 5 friends together, all use Ultimate Bravery, and go into Blind Normals.  This will provide you with a full team of random champions, items, and roles.  I would recommend calling lanes before hand, or else you may end up with 3 top laners and 2 junglers.  If you want the truly random experience, however, maybe your team can pull this off.

Another good use of this application would be 5v5 Custom Games.  An entire game of 10 random champions running around with random item builds and summoner spells just sounds like too much fun.

Disclaimer:  The League Report is not responsible for the reports that will undoubtedly result from the use of Ultimate Bravery.  Use at your own discretion, and please don’t ruin ranked games for other players.

If you play a game with this application, tell us how it went and what build/champion you were given!

What’s a meta? Let’s have some fun!

Ultimate Bravery




Amazing LoLReplay Camera Tool!

This is an awesome program created by “Zarw”.  This program allows you to manipulate the camera while watching replays, thus making for some amazing angles for your favorite plays.

To use, simply download the program here:  https://github.com/PawGG/LoLCam/raw/master/Program/LoLCam.exe

Simply use 2, 4, 6, and 8 on your NumPad to move the camera around.

Make sure to start the replay before you open this program!

I have been using this tool for the past week and absolutely love it, so I hope you do as well!

Tired of Laggy Twitch Streams, Europeans?

Try this Google Chrome extension created by R1CH!  This extension tricks the server into thinking that you are a United States viewer, leaving you with a lag-free viewing experience.  I hope this works for everyone as well as the reviews say!

Direct Download Link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/twitchtv-europe-lag-fix/hkoehmlkhjgaboegkondkciclminpjof?hl=en


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