Champion and Skin Sale – 11.08 – 11.11



Syndra – 487 RP.   Awesome mid-lane champion, would recommend if you want to expand your champion pool.

Leona – 440 RP.  Great support, very aggressive and can snowball an ADC very quickly if played correctly.  (Can also snowball the opposing ADC if played incorrectly)

Cho’Gath – 292 RP.  Good all around champion, does not see much play currently but maybe Season 4 will change that.


Jailbreak Graves – 487 RP.  Actually a pretty cool skin, but my favorite is Pool Party Graves so I won’t be purchasing this.

Veigar Greybeard – 375 RP.  Hilarious skin.  YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

Ruthless Pantheon – 260 RP.  It’s Pantheon with “Ruthless” in front of his name. 

Happy Purchasing, friends!


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