Today is the Final Day of League of Legends Season 3!

Today, November 11, 2013, is the final day of Season 3.  This was the first season that I played League of Legends, and I must say that it has been incredibly fun.  I can’t believe how incredibly huge this game is, from the champions and skins available to the massive player base.  Looking at the World’s event this year, it is incredible to see how many fans will pay money to watch a video game live.  I have been gaming since the age of 5, and to see it grow this much is really awesome to see.

Season 3 World’s courtesy of Gazettenet

Today is your last chance to get challenger, get to Gold for rewards, or hey even get to Bronze lV.  Did you reach your goals for this season?  I can tell you that I just wanted to learn this game as much as possible in the few months that I have played it, and made it to Silver lll… In my placements.  I am currently Silver V with around 70 LP, and probably won’t be playing enough to make it to Silver lV today.  I am happy with that, however, because I learned a lot and got better at the game.  I always try to remember that every game is a learning experience, and if I can catch at least one mistake that I make in a game it was worth the experience whether I won or lost.  I plan on climbing the ranks in Season 4, but we will save that for another day and another post.

My best champions in ranked for Season 3 were Elise, Nami, and Diana.  I had a 55% win rate with Elise, and a 90% Win Rate (9-1) with Nami.  Who were your most reliable champions this season, whether in ranked or normals?

Good luck in any last minute division climbing efforts, and see you in the Preseason!

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