GG and What it Means to Me

Good Game

In most games of League of Legends you will get 5 or 6 of the players typing “gg”, or “Good Game”, as the nexus is about to explode.   Some games you get the players who type out “bg”, or “gg easy noobs”. I will be one of the ones typing “gg” at the end of every game, win or lose, trolls or no trolls, and I will tell you why I think you should, too.

I think of typing gg at the end of a game as the equivalent of the end of the game handshake in sporting events. That handshake separates the “game” from real life. To me it says what ever happened out there was part of the competition, and now that is behind us and I respect you as a person outside of the game. It has nothing to do with the game itself being good or not, rather, it is a way to ease all of the tension built up during the game.

To me typing “bg” at the end of a game is like licking your hand before you shake hands with your opponent. It is an immature reaction, and it displays a person’s inability to handle defeat. One must understand that not everything in life will go their way. I don’t care if your jungler dc’d 3 minutes into the game, it is no one’s fault, and neither team has any control over it. Unfortunately, this leads to people saying things like “bg” or “bot lane fed” etc.  In a very team centric game things like this are bound to occur rather often.  If you can’t handle it maybe you should play a different game.

Finally, let’s talk about the people who type “gg easy noobs” at the end of a game. These people make my head hurt, as it is the most cowardly way to insult somebody I could ever imagine. First off, you are hiding behind an internet name, anonymously playing with someone you will probably never play with again and certainly never play with in real life. Not only that, but you are doing it at the very last second you possibly can giving absolutely no chance for a response. This single statement leaves a bad taste in the opposing team’s mouth, and probably within that player’s own team.  It is an unfortunate note to end any game on, and the emotions it causes in the other players may even spread to their next few games.

All in all, gg is not saying “Oh that game was close,” or “I really enjoyed playing with you.” To me, it is just showing a little bit of respect to another human that shares the same interest as you.  It is a way of putting the game behind you, and moving on with no animosity between players. If you can’t do this at the end of a game by typing two simple letters, then maybe you should reconsider what it truly means to play a video game.


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