Why Lee Sin’s Suck

This is an article written by a friend of mine who will be writing many articles for The League Report.  I hope you enjoy it, as “Bartt” will be managing this website with me in the future and helping me run things.  Enjoy “Why Lee Sin’s Suck”, by Barttpwnz, edited by HAble.

Why Lee Sin’s Suck

I have decided to start banning Lee Sin today. Not because he is a strong early game jungler who can apply pressure all over the map, nor because he is one of the most mobile champions in the game. Not because he is a strong 1v1 duelist in the top lane or an effective roamer in the mid lane, not because he can have strong peel and initiation late game no matter how far behind he may be… I am banning him because he sucks.

Don’t get me wrong put in the right hands Lee Sin can be overwhelmingly powerful; give him to Xmithie or any Korean jungler and they will be all over the map from level three applying more pressure than Gragas’ belly applies to his waist band. Give him to Voyboy in a solo lane and there is a good chance he will carry by out-dueling and out-roaming the enemy.

The problem is these Bronze/Silver players are not Xmithie, Voyboy, or Korean Junglers. They “see” (pun intended) Lee Sin, arguably the hardest champion to play in the game, in competitive play or on high level streams and think they can reproduce those performances. I have found that almost every single time this is not the case, especially with the solo lane Lee Sin’s.

Countless times they claim they are going to “carry” after I ask them if they want to jungle Lee instead of mid lane. They proceed to miss every q, never roam, get poked out of lane.  When they finally get a chance to make a play they try to use their Dragon’s Rage (ult) to finish (ks) the kill and end up saving the enemy champion. The top lane Lee sin’s end up trying to duel a Riven or Kha’Zix with fort pot at level two, and cry about the other champion being op when they lose. They rush Ravenous Hydra into Blood Thirster every game despite being down 4 kills and 40 cs. They will maybe get a last whisper 5th item.  I have never gotten far enough into the game to see if they will ever buy a defensive item because we will lose by 30 minutes every time.

The worst part is that these players think they are so good at the game that they won’t take any criticism, they will flame constantly if the smallest thing goes wrong, and if they ever die its not because they did something wrong, its because the other champion is OP. So I have decided to start banning Lee sin not so I don’t have to play against it, but so I don’t have to play with it.

If you have any thoughts on the article, or on Lee Sin players, please leave a comment anywhere on our pages!  Thanks for reading,

– Steve and Grant

“HAble and Bartt”

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