Champion and Skin Sale Breakdown: 11.15 – 11.18


Thresh (487 RP) – Thresh has been one of the top supports in Season 3, so much so that he was given the Championship Skin for this year.  A very fun champion to play who has a huge impact on the game.  Can also be played as a carry if one chooses.

Wukong (440 RP) – Wukong is a fighter champion who is usually seen in the top lane.  He has a great escape mechanism in Decoy, as well as an ult that can be devastating in team fights if used correctly.

Shaco (395 RP) – Shaco is one of the most obnoxious champions to play against in the game.  He has boxes that can fear you, he can multiply, and he can even go invisible and teleport to a nearby location.  His early game ganks are devastating when played in the jungle, and can snowball a lane very quickly.  Shaco is best played as a jungler.


Infiltrator Irelia (487 RP) – This is actually a very cool Irelia skin, and makes up for the lack of color in the original.  If not a fan of Frostblade, this skin might be worth a look.

Runeborn Xerath (375 RP) – Hey look, Xerath is green now!

Resistance Caitlyn (260 RP) – Fight off the rebels with this skin!  Nothing much to say about it, you will probably either like it or you won’t. 

Our Playlist of This Sale:

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